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2010 Land Rover Defender 90 by Outlander Vehicles


For those immersed in the Land Rover world, or Instagram for that matter, the work of Scottish restorer Outlander Vehicles is most likely on your radar. For those unaware, this firm has been garnering a global following among Land Rover enthusiasts and beyond due to their fastidious attention to detail and successful marriage of form and function.


Beginning with a 2010 Defender 90 TDCi with full service history, the car was completely stripped down to the chassis. From here, the car was completely restored, rebuilt and fitted with countless bespoke touches that are too plentiful to list. From the rear wood deck, with each slate constructed using single planks of raw oak and taking one week to build and finish by hand, to handmade side steps and central storage box, there is a tremendous amount of craftsmanship within this vehicle.


No stone has been left unturned in the transformation of this car, with the restorer’s fanatical attention to detail a key attribute of his following. Hinges are upgraded billet pieces, all fixings are stainless steel or zinc, the extensive use of anodised and galvanised metal is combined with warm wood and rustic canvas, even the floor mats are imported Coco Mats from the USA. The handmade bikini top can be rolled down to fully enclose the cabin, and a rear section of the frame can also be attached to fit a traditional full hood.


The goal with this vehicle has been to combine high quality components in a manner that allows this Land Rover to be both stunning to look at and ready for the beach, the mud and the adventures that should be experienced by all Land Rover owners. To quote Outlander themselves “It has been built to be used and enjoyed, but also offer a high level of style and individualism. This Defender can get wet, it can go to the beach and be used everyday. It can be hosed and brushed out. It can do everything and be everything a Defender should be. However, it can also go to car shows next to the best cars in Europe and look at home.”


Finished in the glorious Land Rover hue of Keswick Green, we implore any interested parties to pore over the photos above to get a sense of the car’s character and finish, or better yet come and see it in the metal in our West London showroom. This car was not a commission but the personal passion project of Outlander’s founder and we are delighted to be the chosen outlet to offer this awesome car.

2010 Land Rover Defender 90 by Outlander Vehicles