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1972 Husqvarna WR450 - Road Registered

1972 Husqvarna WR450 - Road Registered

Reluctantly for sale is my 1972 Husqvarna WR450 2 stroke 450cc motorbike. I bought this bike in 2018 for myself. It had just had a wonderful back to frame restoration. It had had the wheels rebuilt, new tyres, new brakes, new suspension, seat retrim, forks rebuilt, frame repainted, tank rechromed them repainted, handlebars rechromed, new hardware, new grips, new levers, new cables etc. etc. It presented very well, however it did not run very well.


I entrusted the bike with twin-shock guru Andrew Smith of Smith Bonneville Racing in Brentford, a proper old school race bike builder who cut his teeth back on these bikes back in the day, to look into the running issues and get it running correctly.


Andrew went through the entire bike for me and set it up then and found there to be some piston slap. Not one for half measures, he set about totally rebuilding the engine from the ground up with no stone left unturned. The crank was reground, the barrel rebored to take a slightly oversized piston, all new bearings etc. etc. The carburettor was totally rebuilt and restored and we fitted Electrex World electronic ignition. When I bought the bike, it took forever to kick it to start it from cold or hot. Now it starts within a few kicks from cold and you can start it sitting on the bike with a single kick once it is warm. 


Andrew also fabricated a removable grenade style, baffled exhaust end can to quieten the bike a bit as I knew I was going to use it occasionally on the road and didn't want to end up with an ASBO! He then fitted a totally removable and discrete but in keeping looking LED rear brake light to the rear mudguard. This is powered by a hidden rechargeable battery under the seat and activated by a discrete microswitch on the back brake lever.


I obtained a heritage certificate from Husky Sport and correctly road registered the bike with the DVLA (historically registered as 1972 Husqvarna WR450 - V5 in my name).


By the time the bike was finished, and some £6,000 later (the bike owes me over £12,500!) I was over the moon. That said, I'd initially bought it with the intention of using it at The Malle Mile, Wheels and Waves etc. but it was just too nice for me to do that with. Instead, I've used it every couple of weeks in the warmer months on the road and it is an absolute blast. The power is crazy for an old bike and it feels so tight and well built. For the past 6 months, having bought a number of bikes since, this bike has just lived in my living room and frankly it is a waste. I'm in no rush to sell it but I feel it deserves a better home.


I have a digital folder available containing lots more images of the bike, the engine build and a walkaround video of it running etc. available to send over. I'll be very sad to see it go. The bike is currently in Brentford, West London.

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