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Testimonials: Testimonials

I reached out to Merlin having always dreamed of owning a classic 911 and finally found myself in a position to buy one. He came highly recommended via mutual friends and the service he provided did not disappoint. Merlin flew to Newcastle on the hunt for the perfect 911 for me and came up trumps with a pristine 3.0 SC. He took care of all of the business side of things and I’ve just enjoyed another summer with the car! Give him a shout if you are looking for a classic.

Carl Gill

I've been repatriating classic cars back to the UK from the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica, where I co-own and operate Geejam, a boutique hotel and recording studio. Over the years, I've discovered many classics, ranging from E-Types to Pagodas, to name but a few, in varying conditions - one of the most recent being a yellow “jungle jag” - a vehicle that was found literally totally overgrown by the tropical Forna. Merlin has managed to find appropriate owners for these cars, where the majority are enjoying full blown concourse restorations, which is particularly satisfying for me, as the effort to repatriate these gems was no easy task. Whilst I myself am not a dealer ‘per se’, my father was in the trade and I've seen and experienced many questionable business practices in this field. Merlin is not cut from that cloth. His practical and no nonsense approach is refreshing to deal with and his passion and knowledge is extensive, along with his integrity in business. I made a decision to only filter my ‘jungle’ finds through the Duke of of London, after we had transacted the first two sales. 1love Jon

Jon Baker

I bought my first classic car from Duke of London 5 yrs ago and have used them ever since. Merlin is professional, passionate and highly knowledgeable. Whether buying, selling or for independent and honest advice he is my first call. A pleasure to deal with and a great guy!

Joe Fuller

Great place. Really know their cars and take exception care of customers. Highly recommend.

Chris Kollakis

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