1977 Rolls-Royce Shadow II

1977 Rolls-Royce Shadow II

1977 Rolls-Royce Shadow II


We are always at pains to use car dealer analogies and hyperbole when describing our sales cars, but in the case of this 1977 Rolls-Royce Shadow II the archetypal car dealer statement of ‘You can’t keep them all’ stands true.


I purchased this 1977 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, finished in Regency Bronze with black hide, in 2020 having always lusted after a well sorted Shadow II in an unusual colour. Having had some glorious trips with the car, from daily driving it around West London to a road trip to Paris four-up, alas another Silver Shadow II caught my eye and even someone as addicted as myself couldn’t justify keeping two.


Before finding a new home with the current enthusiast custodian, however, I spent over £29,000 with the remarkable specialist Nigel Sandell sorting every little niggle the car had including things such as:


  • Full engine rebuild
  • Brake and suspension overhauled (new spheres & brake pump)
  • Air conditioning system replaced
  • Charging system renewed


The car also benefited from a trip to Car Audio Security in Hayes costing £2,500. When there it was fitted with a Bluetooth head unit, subwoofer in boot, amplified door speakers, all new speaker wiring and Dynamat sound deadening.


The current owner kept up the thorough maintenance on the Shadow, continuing to use N. Sandell and leaving no stone unturned. In February 2021 £2,074.44 was spent attending to brakes, power steering and general running and £451.78 spent in November 2020.


There are genuinely too many invoices to detail in this description, with two think binders documenting the previous restoration, servicing and other miscellaneous expenses. This is a special car, that I will be sad to see go for the second time, available for viewing now from our West London showroom. We encourage any interested parties to come and view the car and its supporting documentation for themselves.