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1981 Mercedes Benz 380SLC C107 - V8 Auto

1981 Mercedes Benz 380SLC C107 - V8 Auto

The SLC is somewhat of an oddity, whilst the traditional R107 production ran from right the way from 1971 through to 1989. SLC production stopped after just ten years. The SLC had a slightly longer wheelbase than its convertible sibling, meaning that a full size rear seat could be deployed for increased passenger comfort. Its natural predecessor the W115 coupe was based on large saloons converted into coupes, so this was a marked departure for Mercedes.

The SLCs fixed roof and extended wheelbase made it more stable than the convertible, which led to a successful run of rally entrants. In 1978, three SLCs finished in the top four of the gruelling Vuelta à la América del Sud, with one car being driven by WRC-legend Timo Makinen and F1-legend Jean Todt. The SLC was also the most expensive vehicle Mercedes-Benz made at the time of this car's production - making it ripe for only the world's elite at that time. Today, this example represents unrepeatable value.

This particular SLC is a 1981 model, the final year of production. It is being offered for sale by its owner of over 24 years, an astute and fastidious Mercedes-Benz enthusiast and Club member. Being a 380, it is the rarest of all of the SLCs. Externally, it is finished in Mercedes’ 877G, sometimes described as Petrol Blue Green. You can see why, as the paint flips between shades of blue and green depending on the lighting. The paint itself is lovely, laid down during an extensive restoration that took place in 1997, it has held up well and still retains a deep gloss. The external brightwork, most of which was tended to during the restoration is also in perfect order.

The wheels are a full set of “Mexican hats”, that are free from any curb rash or corrosion and are wrapped in a set of matching tyres. The Mercedes branded mud flaps help to prevent any potential stone chips, whilst the rear end is finished off by a stainless steel exhaust system.

Step inside and you’re greeted by a restored interior, retrimmed in 2008 by Aldridge Trimming the work included new velour covers for the front and rear seats, as well as a beige carpet set. Everything inside works as it should, as you’d expect of a Mercedes built in the bulletproof era.

The dash is a two-tone affair, black on top and beige on the lower half, with the interior tied together by the Burr Walnut trim. It is an elegant combination. The instrument cluster shows the car has covered just over 138,000 miles.

Under the bonnet, you’re greeted with the venerable M116 V8 engine, in this car it is a 3.8-litre unit. Oodles of power and a smooth torque curve make for an incredibly driveable car, be it around town or on a long distance cruise. The engine bay is clean, tidy and free from any nasty damage. The power is driven from the engine through an automatic gearbox and to the rear wheels.

We mentioned earlier that Mercedes of this era have been referred to as Bulletproof, and while that isn’t technically true they are very well built. But they do, like any car, require maintenance. You’ll be relieved to know that no expense has been spared for this SLC - with records tracing right the way back to 1981. The mountain of accompanying invoices available tally up to nearly £18,000 and that excludes the restoration cost.

The Mercedes service book alone includes:

11/1981 - 699 miles - Service

04/1982 - 6270 miles - Service

04/1983 - 12,247 miles - Service

04/1983 - 15,535 miles - Service

04/1985 - 18,311 miles - Service

03/1986 - 23,288 miles - Service

02/1987 - 30,877 miles - Service

07/1987 - 36,869 miles - Service

12/1987 - 48,376 miles - Service

09/1988 - 49,033 miles - Service

09/1989 - 56,013 miles - Service

06/1990 - 63,211 miles - Service

11/1991 - 73,768 miles - Service

07/1992 - 78,122 miles - Service

08/1993 - 84,895 miles - Service

11/1993 - 90,531 miles - Service

07/1994 - 96,604 miles - Service

12/1994 - 102,506 miles - Service

05/1995 - 108,591 miles - Service

11/1995 - 114,509 miles - Service

04/1996 - 118,451 miles - Service

07/1999 - 123,900 miles - Service

07/2000 - 125,945 miles - Service

08/2002 - 129,162 miles - Service

08/2003 - 130,161 miles - Service

For the majority of its life, the car has been cared for by renowned marque specialists Roger Edwards Motors. Those familiar with Roger Edwards will know that they do not do things by halves and that their work and reputation is the best in the business for all things classic Mercedes.

Recent history includes:

09/11/2023 - 138,587 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

23/09/2019 - 138,129 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

16/06/2016 - 137,129 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

24/09/2013 - 136,705 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

21/03/2012 - 136,197 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

08/01/2009 - 135,667 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

28/08/2009 - 135,215 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

17/08/2006 - 134,943 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

01/09/2005 - 133,737 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

20/08/2004 - 132,188 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

20/08/2003 - 130,161 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

26/08/2002 - 129,152 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

17/07/2001 - 127,674 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

17/07/2000 - 125,945 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

23/07/1999 - 123,950 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

19/05/1999 - 123,532 miles - Roger Edwards Motors

An R107 is a dream car for many, and for good reason. They’re incredibly usable, tractable and liveable classic cars, but the one thing they’re often missing is space for friends or family. That issue is resolved with the SLC, a perfect cruiser to enjoy year round.

And what better example is there than a car that has so clearly been dutifully loved, cared for and maintained throughout its life. Finished in a fetching colour combination, with a solid engine and gearbox specification and the records to back up its history.

As with all our vehicles, a full digital folder is available on request containing more images, walk-around videos, and scans of the service history. The car can also be viewed by appointment at our West London showroom.

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