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1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth Manual

1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth Manual


  • Tech Specs

    Here is a “brief” overview of the mechanical works I have had done on the car:

    • Engine fully rebuilt by ex Aston Martin/Red Bull F1 engineer Sam Carpenter with Cylinder Head completely rebuild (guides, valves etc.) by Coventry Boring and Metalling Company
    • New OEM radiator
    • New clutch kit
    • New OEM clutch fork
    • All new engine ancillaries (water pump, leads, cap, points, rotor, fuel injectors, gaskets etc. etc.) OEM where available
    • New OEM battery
    • New OEM fuel pump
    • New OEM engine mounts
    • New OEM subframe mounts
    • New OEM bushes
    • New OEM ball joints
    • New OEM tie rods
    • New OEM steering damper
    • New OEM gearbox mounts
    • New OEM front wheel bearings
    • New brake discs all around
    • Total replacement of the rear self levelling suspension (shock absorbers, spheres, pump etc.) using OEM parts where available
    • New front shock absorbers
    • New rear shock absorbers
    • New control front control arms
    • New brake callipers
    • New brake hard lines
    • New brake flexi hoses
    • New fuel lines
    • Rear subframe blasted and powdercoated then rebuilt with all new parts (bushes, fasteners, control arms)
    • Rear hubs rebuilt with new bearings and bushes
    • New handbrake shoes, fittings, backplates and cables
    • Propshaft rebuilt and balanced by Propshaft Services
    • New Toyo Proxes tyres
    • Suspension geometry set up by infamous suspension wizards String Theory Garage
    • Stainless steel exhaust


    Cosmetically and otherwise here is some of the major things I’ve had done:

    • chassis welded by Romance of Rust as necessary. No stone left unturned though it didn’t actually need much
    • New OEM front wings
    • New OEM rear wheel arches
    • Bonnet welded - original bonnet but new metal all along front edge where there was some rust
    • Paint stripped back to bare metal on almost all of the car
    • Fully repainted in Smoke-Silver by OSC Chessington. Business owner was a painter at Mercedes-Benz for 15 years a