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2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante

2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante

It’s the early 2000s, and Aston Martin needs to replace the DB7. Its inter-connected family tree means that the DB7 shares much of its core DNA with Jaguar’s XK8. Aston needed to break the mould, and whilst the Vanquish had appeared in Die Another Day, it really needed its next big hit, its Goldfinger.

To achieve such a mammoth task, they deemed it necessary that a whole new platform was created, taking learnings from the Vanquish they created the VH platform, that would go on to be the foundation for great cars such as the DB9, DBS and Vantage.

The first DB9s were released in 2004 as a Coupé, a year later the Volante convertible would follow. The DB9’s elegant lines were uncompromised by its decapitation, if anything, it made it look even better, and added the benefit of hearing Aston’s 5.9-litre V12 sing with the roof down.

This particular car is a 2006 model, the exterior is finished in Midnight Blue. The paintwork is in great shape. Midnight blue is an effortlessly classy colour, it accentuates the Aston’s long bonnet and wide rear arches and is paired with an equally lovely Atlantic Blue convertible top. The wheels are 19” 10-spoke items finished in their original shade of Silver, they wear a matching set of tyres and are free from any nasty curb marks.

Aston were keen to make the cabin a special place to be for their new model, a focus was made on improving the tactile areas when compared with previous models. This car in particular has a particularly tasteful interior specification; the seats, which are in excellent condition are finished in Sandstorm leather, whilst the dashboard, centre console and door cards are split into a two-tone Sandstorm and Caspian blue colour combination. The whole interior is tied together by Caspian blue carpet and walnut veneer trim.

Everything inside works as it should, the gauge cluster as with all Aston’s of this era have the nuanced opposing rev-counter. Whilst you admire the high quality finish, you’ll notice the odometer reads just 81,000 miles, meaning this is an Aston that has been used and enjoyed, but worry not as it has a very impressive service record.

The engine is a 5.9-litre V12 unit, developed in partnership with Ford, its a unit that is still in use today, given in a slightly different form. The engine runs well, and is free from any nasty leaks. The power is sent to the rear wheels through a Touchtronic ZF 6-speed automatic, it’s a reliable unit and it helps to make this GT car cruise along with ease, eating up cross-continental miles for breakfast.

We mentioned earlier an extensive service record, well it includes:

11/2008 - 15,238 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

09/2009 - 19,112 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

09/2010 - 23,302 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

09/2011 - 30,644 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

08/2012 - 32,538 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

09/2013 - 40,593 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

09/2014 - 46,917 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

10/2015 - 52,986 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

10/2016 - 57,299 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

10/2017 - 63,226 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

10/2018 - 65,667 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

09/2019 - 67,782 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

10/2020 - 71,511 miles - Service - Independent 

10/2021 - 74,883 miles - Service - Aston Martin Mayfair

10/2022 - 79,463 miles - Service - Independent

10/2023 - 80,647 miles - Service - Independent 

06/2024 - 80,874 miles - Service & Coolant Expansion tank replacement - Aston Martin Mayfair


Ultimately, this is an Aston that has been used, driven and enjoyed but maintained to an incredibly high standard. The DB9 itself has been able to escape the clutches of age, it remains as beautiful today as it did at launch, and it remains as good a car today as it did then. If you’re looking for top down motoring that will make you feel like a movie start, then this is the car for you. 


As with all our vehicles, a full digital folder is available on request containing more images, walk-around videos, and scans of the service history. The car can also be viewed by appointment at our West London showroom. 

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