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2021 Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack TracTive Suspension Green

2021 Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack TracTive Suspension Green

A car that truly needs no introduction, the GR Yaris has been the most revered car of the past 2 years. A real wildcard from Toyota, the car has trumped all expectations and has been one of the first cars of our generation that seemingly all

Motoring journalists have agreed on. 


Introducing our car, a 2021 car with the essential Circuit Pack. The car was delivered new to its first and only owner on 16th September 2021 (71 plate). In addition to the Circuit Pack, this GR was ordered in Black. Beyond that, there were no other factory options available as Toyota just got it so right out of the box. 


This car was subsequently wrapped in gloss metallic Green when new. The wrap is in excellent condition and obviously the paint beneath it has been protected and preserved. In addition to the wrap, the factory “faux carbon” wrapped roof was removed to expose the cars glorious and actual forged carbon roof that was then polished and covered in gloss, clear PPF for protection. There are a couple of small stone chips on the wrap on the front bumper. The wheels were repainted in Silver to complement the Green. It looks the dogs danglies. 


Another thing that sets this GR apart is the TracTive Semi-Active GR Yaris ACE (Active Controlled Electrics) suspension system it has had fitted. This comprises of new front and rear, height adjustable shock absorbers with a digital control touchscreen mounted in the driver’s right hand heater vent - it looks OEM and works seamlessly. 


This suspension standalone system makes adjustments for you based on G-force input. It’s controlled through a centrally mounted control module and and can be adjusted through the touchscreen. You can adjust front and rear axle damping individually. What makes it unique is the adjustments you can do for anti-roll and anti-pitch control. The system controls unwanted body movement when it’s needed the most. This system cost just shy of £7,000 installed(!). The car handles like a Porsche GT3. Soft but firm when being driven calmly, agile and tight when driven anger. 


All this considered, we also still have the car’s original suspension that will come with it too should you wish to return it to stock. 


This GR also has the all important driver’s seat lowering kit fitted which totally transforms the driving experience. The van-like factory driver’s seating position was, in our opinion, the only thing Toyota got wrong from factory. 


The car had its 6,000 mile service at supplying dealer, Steven Eagell Toyota on 03/03/22. It also had an oil and oil filter service at PorschaCare on 27/10/22 at 9,240 miles. The car has today covered 11,500 miles so its manufacturer 12,000 mile service is soon approaching. As such, we will be including a main dealer 12,000 mile service in with the car as part of the sale at our cost. 


The car had 4x brand new Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres fitted on 05/01/23 and the alignment and proper corner weighting done too. The car has BF Goodridge performance brake hoses fitted and had new brake discs and Endless brake pads fitted at PorschaCare 27/01/23. 


We are loathed to sell this car as we really want to keep it for ourselves. Grab it while you can before we change our minds. 


As with all of our vehicles, we have a digital folder available on request containing more images, walkaround videos, pictures of the underside and scans of the service history. The car can be viewed by appointment at our West London showroom. 

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